Variax Standard Electric Guitar

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Line 6 Variax Standard Modeling Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

· Yamaha craftsmanship makes this one extremely playable guitar

· Variax HD technology delivers amazing tones and instant tunings

· Workbench software lets you create your own dream guitars

Yamaha craftsmanship makes this

You're guaranteed to be well-equipped for any studio or stage situation with the Line 6 Variax Standard. Right out of the case, your Line 6 Variax Standard comes with dozens of impeccable instrument models. Rare vintage electrics, fabulous acoustics, and even exotic instruments are waiting at your fingertips.

What's more, changing tuning is as easy as turning a dial - no delay, no mechanized tuners, just instant results. The latest Variax HD software brings you more stellar HD instrument and pickup models than ever before, and the real magic happens when you tap into the Workbench HD software.

Workbench software lets you create your own dream guitars

This Line 6 Variax Standard packs the latest Variax HD technology, bringing you more stellar models of rare vintage electric guitars, classic acoustic guitars, and exotic instruments. You'll be blown away once you start exploring these with the Workbench HD software, which gives you more tonal control and all-around tweakability than you ever thought possible. Create your own unique instrument model, then use Workbench HD to fine-tune individual string pitch, string volume, pickup position, and much more. You've never tweaked your tone like you can with the Variax Standard!

Line 6 Variax Standard Modeling Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

· The next generation of Variax modeling guitars

· Combines Line 6 modeling with Yamaha craftsmanship

· Includes alder body, Alnico V single-coil pickups, and custom hardware

· Variax HD modeling engine provides instrument, pickup, and tuning models

· Free downloadable Workbench HD software lets you customize your setups

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