Woodwind World Clarinet Book 1

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Woodwind World: Clarinet Book 1 includes arrangements of Traditional, Baroque and Classical pieces, edited with regard to current concepts of performance practice. Some additional editorial suggestions have been made to assist performers, students and examination candidates in developing their own interpretations. Four of the pieces are unaccompanied.

The solo clarinet part os also included on a separate insert.

  1. Being Jealous Of A Playmate With A Thick Skull [Satie, Eric]
  2. Circles And Triangles [Harris, Paul]
  3. Farewell Waltz [Glinka, Mikhail]
  4. Horse And Cart [Harris, Paul]
  5. Minuet [Krommer, Franticek]
  6. Rigadoon
  7. Rustic Dance [Stark, Robert]
  8. Stately Dance [Baermann, Carl]
  9. Steps And Leaps [Berr, Frederic]
  10. The Easy Winners [Joplin, Scott]
  11. Tyrolean Dance [Lazarus, Henry]
  12. Waltz In Dark Blue [Drayton, Paul]

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