Grab Yourself A Brand New Busking Rig This Weekend!

It’s November which means everywhere is offering the best deals they can to try and entice you to spend money. But how many stores are offering deals that could turn you from a regular joe into the next busking sensation overnight? 
We’re offering 15% off on a Tanglewood TWU SFCE Electro Acoustic Guitar, a Mooer Micro Looper, a Soundsation 16 Channel Dual Wireless Microphone System, a Fishman Loudbox Mini, and much more! (click here to see all the Slate Grey Deals). With these items, you have everything you need to start on your busking journey.

The Tanglewood TWU SFCE Electro Acoustic features a Super Folk Cutaway with a Solid African Mahogany top and Mahogany sides, Eboncore fingerboard and Black Walnut bridge, all in a natural satin finish. This guitar has a great full, warm tone that really sings through the Tanglewood TW-EX4 pick up, allowing you to rock out completely acoustically or through a PA or acoustic amp.Speaking of acoustic amps, there aren’t much better options out there than the Fishman Loudbox Mini PRO-LBX 500. This amp is one Fishman’s lightest and most portable yet. Packing 60 watts of clean acoustic power with two channels, reverb and chorus effects, aux input and balanced XLR output, this combo amp is everything you could possibly need for busking. Now to really channel some of that early Ed Sheeran vibe you’ll need a looper pedal of some sort. Our top pick is- the Mooer Micro Looper. Whilst there’s an infinite amount of loopers on the market with infinitely more complicated controls than the Micro Looper, we find the simplicity of this pedal is what makes it stand out. Whether you’re a looper virtuoso or you’re still struggling to turn a loop on or off without coming out of time, the Mooer Micro Looper is a great tool for developing your skills as a musician. 
That could be everything you need but, whether it’s your voice or another musician’s, you’re going to need some microphones to be able to be heard above that roaring axe! Here’s where the Soundsation 16 Channel Dual Wireless Microphone System comes in. Featuring 16 possible wireless frequencies, so you’re never competing for airspace, Soundsation prides themselves on their reliability, audio quality and extreme simplicity of use. Simply connect them then plug in the XLR output to whatever amp or PA system you’re using and enjoy the freedom of wireless technology. Of course, if you’re not interested in busking then you will still want to keep an eye on the other offers we’re offering over the weekend! There’s plenty more great deals on more electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amps, pro-audio equipment and more!