Instrument Rental in Sutton
When starting a new instrument it's often a good idea to "try before you buy". Our rental scheme allows you to find out if an instrument is suited to you before committing to purchasing! This is PERFECT for anyone looking to start on a new instrument.
You can rent a wide variety of musical instruments directly from us. We rent flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones and trumpets. Using our rental scheme you can ‘try before you buy’ a new instrument - and you can even buy from our range of ex-rental instruments too; all of which are maintained by our in house technicians!

The minimum rental period is 3 months. If you decide to purchase after 3 months you get your full rental payment off the price of a new instrument! This offer expires 1 month after the return of the rental instrument so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to commit to a purchase.

If you continue to rent after 3 months you pay by monthly direct debit. When you decide to end the rental you have the option purchasing with 50% of your rental payments off the price of a new instrument. Again, this offer expires 1 month after the return of the rental instrument.

You can rent for as long as you need. When you want to end the rental just let us know and return the instrument.

Upgrading your rental instrument is also possible! When renting a violin for your son or daughter, for example, you can exchange the rental instrument for a larger one as your child grows. (i.e ¼ size to ½ size)

When you rent an instrument you need to provide two forms of ID including one photo ID (e.g. Driving Licence, Passport) and a Utility bill or Bank statement with address.
You need to set up a Direct Debit instruction which will be emailed to you from our payment provider GoCardless. The monthly direct debit payments start to be taken 3 months after the Rental Agreement date.
You need to pay for the first 3 months rental (minimum rental period) by debit or credit card. This is to validate our insurance policy in case of loss or theft. (£50 excess payable by the Hirer)
You will also need to sign our Rental agreement.