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New Horizons for the Young Brass PlayerNew Horizons for the Young Brass Player
Trumpet Debut - James Rae
A New Tune A Day for Trombone (incl. CD)
A Tune a Day (for Trombone or Euphonium)
The Really Easy Trombone Book
Unlocking the Tenor Clef (for Trombone)
Tunes for Two Easy Duets for Trombones
Teacher and I Play Trombone Duets
Featuring Rhythm - Nigel Clarke
Razzamajazz for Trumpet (incl. CD)
Rhythm and Rag for Trumpet
Play it Cool Trumpet (incl. CD)
Party Time (for Trumpet and Piano)
Take up the Trumpet - Bram Wiggins
Landmarks for Trumpet
Jeffery Wilson Jazz Album (incl. CD)
The Victorian Trumpet
Look, Listen & Learn (for Trumpet)
Going Solo (for Trumpet)Going Solo (for Trumpet)
Dot Fraser: Abracadabra (for French Horn)
The Boosey Brass Method (for Bb Brass Band)
How Trombonists Do It
Beginners Please! (Trombone)
Concerto Classics (Trumpet)

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