Peavey VYPYR- The best amp for everything?

The Peavey VYPYR Series is now in stock at Sutton Music Centre!

The brand new line of modelling amps from Peavey, the VYPYR series, has finally hit our shelves and we can’t wait to show off all the awesome features that Peavey are super proud of. Featuring asymmetrical clipping, instrument models, TransTube and analogue/ digital hybrid technology and tons of effects, the Peavey VYPYR’s could be the perfect amp for the modern day gigging musician.

"There are 36 amp models, including six acoustic and six bass models, 10 instrument models and 26 effects (up to five, simultaneously), all of which can be operated directly from the amp’s front control panel.” [1]
Not only is there plenty to choose from but the quality of each amp model is stellar. Thanks to the TransTube technology, Peavey are able to boast a true analogue distortion over their competitors who use digital distortion; analogue distortion has a lot more “oomph” to it and lacks the classic "fizziness” of digital distortion. The VYPYR X3 also features a power-sponge control which allows you to recreate the asymmetrical clipping of a tube amplifier; basically decreasing the amount of output that goes to the power amplifier section which simulates that good old tube compression we all love.

The VYPYR series includes instrument models which allows you to connect a guitar and make it sound like a bass or an acoustic guitar. This also allows you to connect a bass or acoustic guitar to the VYPYR and use it as a standard amp. Thanks to the improved amp models and cab design, there’s no difference in audio quality between a guitar and a bass.

Additionally, the VYPYR includes 26 world class effects. With the ability to run up to 5 simultaneously, you’d be hard pressed to think of a sound that you couldn’t achieve with a combination of amp models and effects found in the VYPYR. However, unlike other modelling amps where the effects and amp models can be locked away behind USB interfaces and software, you can access all the effects and amps straight from the amp panel. But if you were a tech heavy kind of player you can still connect the VYPYR’s to an iPad or computer to allow tweaking and preset changes!Finally, the speaker that comes with the Peavy VYPYR is a hybrid speaker; this means that unlike other speakers, the VYPYR will be able to push out audio without a massive focus on the mids. The amp also features an aux in which allows you to play backing tracks through the amp and thanks to the FRFR (full range frequency response) speaker the backing tracks don’t sound washed out or dull like they can through other guitar speakers.

Get yourself down to our store to try out the VYPYR series for yourself!SOURCES:
[1]  Guitar World- Peavey announces VYPYR X modelling amps, with bluetooth, new cabinets and improved TransTube tech