Casio GP310 Grand Hybrid Digital Piano

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Casio GP310 Grand Hybrid Piano; Satin Black

Building on the success of the popular GP300 model, the new Casio GP310 piano has enhanced piano voices using AiR Grand sound technology, upgraded speaker system for a more rounded sound, and wider dynamic touch response to capture every expression of your playing. The GP310 retains the same highly responsive hammer action keyboard which was developed in collaboration with German piano maker Bechstein.

The original Casio GP300 piano was groundbreaking when launched in 2015. No other instrument offered a full-size piano grand piano keyboard in a digital instrument at a similar price point. The GP310 has improved the original instrument in many ways and is a delight to play.

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Keyboard Action Developed In Collaboration with Bechstein
One of the most important factors when choosing a digital piano is the feel of the keyboard (known as the Keyboard 'Action'). A good keyboard action should accurately translate the expression and emotion of the performer through the music. Hybrid pianos are unique because they are fitted with a full-size replica of an acoustic piano keyboard action - it's just the sound which is reproduced digitally. This gives the best opportunity for a more realistic playing experience and it has been proven that Hybrid pianos such as the GP310 are preferred by most players over digital instruments with standard 'emulated' key actions.

The GP310's triple-sensor keyboard action was developed by Casio in collaboration with Bechstein - the World-class German acoustic piano builder. Every detail of the key mechanism has been replicated in detail - including long wooden key length, balance pins, fulcrum, escapement, hammer weighting and key return speed. The key action found in the GP310 competes with Hybrid pianos costing many thousands of pounds more.

Players should find the transition from digital to acoustic pianos seamless with the Casio Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard, which makes it the ideal instrument for beginners and more experienced players alike. Just like many modern acoustic pianos, the white keytops are made of acrylic, whilst the black keys are constructed using Phenol.

The response of the piano keyboard can be matched to suit your playing style with five different sensitivity settings.

Three Distinctive Piano Voices
Using Casio's newly developed AiR Grand sound creation system, the GP310 has three core piano voices - Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand and Vienna Grand (we'll let you guess which famous piano brands these represent!). Maximum polyphony is 256 notes so you shouldn't experience notes cutting off - even with heavy use of the damper pedal.

As with the very best digital pianos on the market, the GP310 piano voices can be tailored to your own taste by altering characteristics such as resonance, action sound, key off simulator and grand piano lid simulator.

Additional useful voices
The GP310 has more than just piano voices. In fact, there are an additional 26 other useful voices including e.pianos, harpsichords, organs, strings, choir and many more. Two voices can be layered together to create rich sound textures, or choose two voices to split across the treble/bass registers of the keyboard.

Onboard Sound System & Speakers
The Casio GP310 uses a Grand Acoustic System to reproduce the best possible sound. A three-way, six-speaker system is driven by a 30w + 20w x 2 powerful amplifier. In addition to this, the sound is further enhanced with an opening top-board lid and volume sync'd EQ when using headphones.

Duet 'Twin Piano' Mode
It is possible for two people (for example Teacher/pupil) to sit at the Casio Grand Hybrid piano and play in similar-sounding tonal registers simultaneously. The sound of each 'part' can also be panned to the centre of the stereo spectrum, or hard-left / hard-right to make a differentiation between the players more obvious - this is especially useful when using headphones.

Onboard Song Recorder
Recording your own performance is both fun and useful - especially if you're learning challenging pieces. The GP310 allows recording of one song consisting of two tracks in the internal memory - with a maximum length of 5000 notes. It is also possible to attach a USB memory stick (not supplied) on which you can record up to 99 songs in .WAV audio format - the ideal medium for sharing your masterpieces with friends and family.

Other Useful Features

  • High quality digital effects including Hall Simulator reverb
  • Metronome (20 - 255BPM)
  • Three pedals with half-daming sustain pedal
  • Concert Play audio backing tracks on-board
  • 60 onboard Music Library songs
  • Octave shift
  • Key transpose +/- two octaves in semitone intervals
  • Fine tuning from A=415.5Hz to A=465.9Hz
  • LCD display screen with backlight
  • Auto power off function
  • Line In / Out - 6.35mm (¼") jack sockets for both
  • USB to HOST


Casio GP310 Dimensions
The Casio GP310 measures 1434mm(L) x 489mm(D) x 963mm(H)

Casio GP310 Weight
The Casio GP310 weighs 78.5kg / 173.1 lb

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