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Mooer - GE100 Multi Effects PedalMooer - GE100 Multi Effects Pedal
Dunlop - Crybaby Pedal
Vox Wah PedalVox Wah Pedal
Vox Wah Pedal
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RAT II Distortion Pedal
Dunlop - 'Cry Baby' Mini
Mooer 'Micro Looper' Pedal
Mooer 'Baby Tuner' Pedal
Fender Power 8 Daisy Chain cableFender Power 8 Daisy Chain cable
MXR Distortion + PedalMXR Distortion + Pedal
Stagg Patch Cables Straight (Single)Stagg Patch Cables Straight (Single)
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Mooer 'Harmony/Pitch Box' Pedal
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SoundSation - Spiral Looper pedal
Zoom - G1XON
Zoom - G1XON
JTC - Drum + Loop PRO Dual Pedal
Ibanez - TS9 Tube Screamer
Vox Lil' Looper Pedal
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Line 6 M5 Stompbox ModelerLine 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler
Vox VDL1 Dynamic looper pedal
Lil' RAT Distortion pedalLil' RAT Distortion pedal
MXR Distortion III PedalMXR Distortion III Pedal
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NUX MLD Bass Preamp + DI PedalNUX MLD Bass Preamp + DI Pedal
Mooer - Groove Loop Pedal
Fender The Pelt Pedal
Stagg Blaxx Distortion Effects Pedal
Stagg Blaxx Overdrive Effects Pedal
NUX JTC Drum & Loop Pedal
X-Vive PT-03 Chromatic Tuner
Mooer 'Ensemble King' Analog Chorus Pedal
Mooer 'WoodVerb' Acoustic Reverb Pedal

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