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We have three purpose built teaching studios which were created in 2009. Since then we have taught hundreds of people how to play their instrument. Our dedicated team of tutors are always keen to encourage fun and the enjoyment of making music. Studio 1 has four digital drum kits which allow for each pupil to monitor their own sound and balance with the play-along tracks. There is also an acoustic kit which is used to develop the technique required to create a good sound on the drums. In our group lessons, there is a good deal of time playing together, therefore, developing listening skills and ensemble experience.

We also have our group piano lessons in Studio 1 which is equipped with Yamaha digital pianos. Our tutors encourage playing together where possible and then rotate between pupils. One advantage of digital pianos is being able to use headphones. This means that while the tutor is focussing on one pupil the other classmates are on their headphones practicing, therefore increasing the hands-on playing time.

We have whiteboards and music stands already set up, so pupils can get playing as soon as their lesson starts.

Studio 1 is equipped with Marshall guitar and bass amps, a PA system, music stands and a range of guitars to use.

Trinity College, RGT and Rockschool use Studio 1 as an exam centre, so for our pupils, they are in a familiar environment when taking their grade exams. We have a waiting area for pupils and parents with a refreshment machine and TV screen.

We do have limited spaces in our own car park but please avoid using our neighbours' spaces (Mekon) unless during the evening or at weekends.


Beginner Guitar Lesson Schedule - January 2019

Guitar £14 per lesson (11 lessons £156)

 Beginner guitar (7-11)     (max 4 pupils)               Monday 4.20pm - 5.10pm

1st lesson 10/09/18       Half term 22/10/18         Last lesson 03/12/18


Beginner guitar (12-16)   (max 8 pupils)               Tuesday 6.20pm – 7.10pm

1st lesson 11/09/18       Half term 23/10/18         Last lesson 04/12/18


Beginner guitar (12-16)   (max 8 pupils)               Wednesday 6.30pm – 7.20pm

1st lesson 12/09/18       Half term 24/10/18         Last lesson 05/12/18


Beginner guitar (Adult)   (max 8 pupils)               Wednesday 8.00pm – 8.50pm

1st lesson 12/09/18       Half term 24/10/18         Last lesson 05/12/18

Beginner guitar (8-12)     (max 8 pupils)               Saturday 11.40am – 12.30am

1st lesson 15/09/18       Half term 27/10/18         Last lesson 08/12/18