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The Music Medals series is designed for young/novice instrumentalists taught in a group situation, offering an annual graded assessment beginning with the very basics. This set of ensemble pieces for guitarists is for the upper Gold level, giving more difficult challenges in group performance. The pieces are specifically commissioned by the ABRSM to explore the skills needed to establish a strong start in ensemble playing.


  1. Willafjord [Trad.]
  2. Say Goodbye [Vincent Lindsey-Clark]
  3. Slinky Malinky [David Cottam]
  4. Sailing [Colin Downs]
  5. Gypsy Journey [Jonathan Leathwood]
  6. The Hen's March o'er the Midden [Trad.]
  7. Seventh Heaven [Christopher Susans]
  8. Bosun's Mate [Stephen Kenyon]
  9. Passepied from English Suite No. 5, BWV 810 [J. S. Bach]
  10. Old Shoes Blues [Bob Power]
  11. Seconds Out [Richard Wright]
  12. The Lark in the Clear Air [Trad.]
  13. Free-wheeling [Vincent Lindsey-Clark]
  14. Far Away and Long Ago [Stephen Dodgson]
  15. Lament for a Loss [Colin Tommis]
  16. It takes four... [David Harvey]
  17. Gymnopedie No. 1 [Eric Satie]
  18. The Hunted [Colin Tommis]

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