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Aquila Ukulele String Set (New Nylgut)


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The New Nylgut is the first product developed and patented by Aquila.

The New Nylgut is not common Nylon or Carbon, or a mix of them. It is a plastic compound of three different components Compared to Nylon, the New Nylgut produces a better sound and stays in tune better, this because the moisture absorption is less of .1% against the 2.0% of Nylon normally employed for the musical strings.

Due to the higher density, similar to that of pure gut, the New Nylgut produces a better sound than Nylon and it is not so metallic like those of the so- called ‘Carbon’ PVDF strings.

In other words, the New Nylgut is probably the first genuine synthetic  gut in the world.