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The Chord Active DI Box is an excellent single-channel DI box, which will get your line level, unbalanced signal to the desk as cleanly as possible at a mic (low-z) level. DI Boxes not only alter the signal impedance (for the best input level to you preamps) but also balance your signal so they do not pick up hum from AC cables being run along side them.


In a live setting, where cables are often run for long distances, and often have to be run beside electrical cabling, converting jack sources on stage to balanced XLR signals is a must. The other useful feature of this DI is a link though jack which means you can take the signal from an instrument/line level source to the desk, and at the same time run it through an amp on stage.

Powered with either a 9V battery or using an optional DC 12V power supply when available, active DI boxes work best with passive instruments (passive acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as some computer equipment). If you are using a Direct Injection box with an active instrument (ex. most electro-acoustic guitars) a passive box is preferred as this will offer the best output quality.


There is also a PAD switch on this DI (0dB, -20dB or -40dB), which will get your signal down to an appropriate level for your desk if the input is too hot. An additional feature of this DI box is the XLR input, which means you can use this DI to PAD your balanced XLR signal if it is too hot for the desk. The XLR input can also help if there are impedance issues with the audio source.

The ground lift offers to isolate the signal from it's earthing if there is AC hum in the signal. This can make a huge difference as ground loops can produce harsh noises that will ruin recordings and cause annoyance to listeners.

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