Cort MS Series Classic TC Scotch Blonde Natural

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In the Classic TC you will find an instrument that has a timeless classic design, but with just the right elements of evolution. Painstakingly designed by Hugh Manson and his Manson Guitar Works team in the UK, the Classic TC elicits passion as soon as you strap it on.

Hugh set a high standard for the pickups for the Classic TC. As he does on all of his instruments he designed and voiced the pickups for this specific instrument. He demanded that the pickups go beyond just being the expected classic sonic profile.

After numerous tests the team selected an Alnico V bridge pickup for a sweet vintage tone, combined with a fuller sounding neck pickup to cover a bold sounding classic twang with added bite from the bridge.

The final pickup set delivers the classic Manson sound - the mid position setting, making it a highly usable sound with full bite and a depth not normally found in this style of instrument.


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