Eye Tunes for Zoo Keepers

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Piano solos and duets, all on the white notes! Great fun and imaginative, including That Giraffe's 'avin' a Laugh, There's a Black Widow on my Banana and other gems!


A Fish can Whistle, Day of the Termites, Dill the Dog Wins Crufts, Elephant Mud Bath, For a Silly Hen, Gerbil's Great Escape, Hooves and Horns, Music to Milk Cows by, My Camel's got the Hump, My Fox Caught Chicken Pox, One Leg fell off my Donkey, Preposterous Rhinoceros, That Giraffe's 'avin' a Laugh, The Goose, the Moose and the Big Bad Snake, The Mousehole Rat, The Pelican from Heligan, The Slothful Sloth, The Woe-begone Woebegone, The Worm has Turned, There's a Black Widow on my Banana, Your Parakeet's got Smelly Feet, Your Weasel's got Measles.

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