Guitar Tech LED Music Light GT1000

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Portable lighting has really taken off in recent years. Whether you need to illuminate your musical score at a concert, light your mixing desk up in a dark cavernous hall or simply read a good book in bed without disturbing your partner, these little devices are marvelous.

So as per usual Guitar Tech, the UK’s much loved guitar accessory brand, has stepped in to offer you a rather reasonably priced light.

The GT1000 Clip-On LED Light features a pair of flexible goosenecks with two powerful, bright white LED’s housed in each head with separate on/off switches. You can point these in any direction and set the intensity by pressing the button once or twice, so a large area of light coverage is possible. The GT1000 an be used free standing or clipped on to a music stand or book cover. 

Running off batteries or USB power cable (both supplied), you can power the light directly off your computer – nice and cosy in the Winter without the big light on!

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