Guitar Tech Accessory Kit

Colour: Mint Green
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All you need to replace the missing bits or just 'jazz up' your Strat!

Set contains:

3 control knobs, 3 pickup covers, back plate, trem-arm cap and switch cap Accessory Kits contain: 1 x Back Spring Cover, 3 x Single Pickup Covers, 3 x S-type Knobs (1 x Volume, 2 x Tone), 1 x Tremolo Arm Knob, 1 x Lever Switch Knob

One of the quickest, easiest and best ways to change the look of your guitar - as long as it’s the classic twin cutaway Californian style guitar with 3 x single coil pickups and onboard vibrato, that is - is to change the plastics for a set with a different hue. Best to do this in a one-er though, for maximum effect.

These Accessory Packs offer matched colour sets of plastics, and include the three rotary control knobs, marked -VOLUME’ plus two -TONE’, pickup selector tip, three pickup covers, vibrato arm tip, plus the rear vibrato springs cavity cover. Colour options for each Guitar Tech Accessory Pack available are Black, White, Cream and Mint Green, the latter two being an ideal to add that hint of -vintage aged plastic’ to your guitar..

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