Guitar Star - Gary Ryan

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Guitar Star offers beginner guitarists a refreshing and inspirational choice of pieces to help build confidence and musical skills. The repertoire is imaginatively tailored to develop specific techniques through an exciting range of musical styles.

With over 40 pieces, including a number of duets as well as colourful illustrations, activities and a playalong CD, Guitar Star provides a rich variety of new repertoire at this level and will fire the imagination of young learners.

Gary Ryan is one of the world’s leading exponents of the guitar and has performed to international critical acclaim for over twenty years, winning praise for his formidable technique, outstanding musicianship and entertainingly diverse programmes.

Song List:

  1. Walking with Ease [Gary Ryan]
  2. Gentle Waves [Gary Ryan]
  3. G Force [Gary Ryan]
  4. Ant, Tiger, Armadillo, Ant [Gary Ryan]
  5. Apache Valley [Gary Ryan]
  6. Tune for 2 [Gary Ryan]
  7. Viennese Waltz [Gary Ryan]
  8. Climbing up the Stairs (in G) [Gary Ryan]
  9. A Sunny Day [Gary Ryan]
  10. Flamenco Fred [Gary Ryan]
  11. The Castle in the Mist [Gary Ryan]
  12. Climbing up the Stairs (in C) [Gary Ryan]
  13. The Old Hurdy Gurdy [Gary Ryan]
  14. Chinese Lantern [Gary Ryan]
  15. Hashtag Tango [Gary Ryan]
  16. Big Ben Waltz [Gary Ryan]
  17. Eventide [William Monk]
  18. The View from the Top [Gary Ryan]
  19. Cabbage and Egg [Gary Ryan]
  20. Climbing up the Stairs (in Am) [Gary Ryan]
  21. Canterbury Tale [Gary Ryan]
  22. O Come, O Come Emmanuel [Trad.]
  23. A Kite in the Wind [Gary Ryan]
  24. The River Dee [Gary Ryan]
  25. A Fanfare [Gary Ryan]
  26. Dad Dancing [Gary Ryan]
  27. Apache E (bass E) [Gary Ryan]
  28. Scotland the Brave [Trad. Scottish]
  29. 12-bar Blues [Gary Ryan]
  30. Spooky Reggae [Gary Ryan]
  31. 2nd Finger Boogie [Gary Ryan]
  32. March of the Romans [Gary Ryan]
  33. Skye boat song [Trad. Scottish]
  34. Packington's Pound [Trad. English]
  35. Caterpillar on a Twig [Gary Ryan]
  36. Copy Cat [Gary Ryan]
  37. Late for School [Gary Ryan]
  38. The Boy from Barcelona [Gary Ryan]
  39. Red Square [Gary Ryan]
  40. Calypso King [Gary Ryan]
  41. Cool Cat [Gary Ryan]
  42. Asturias [Isaac Albéniz]

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