Hohner Big Valley Harmonica

Key: C
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The Hohner Big Valley is Hohner's entry level tremolo harmonica, suitable for folk or country and western styles of playing. Tremolo tuned harmonicas are mainly used in the traditional folk music.

Blow and draw notes are situated in adjacent holes and the individual channel openings are horizontally divided into two, whereby the upper and lower half each contains one blow or draw note which sound simultaneously, in contrast to the single note arrangement used in Richter harmonicas.

These notes are tuned to the same pitch but a few cents apart, so that they create a tremolo effect when played together. The resulting sound is characterized by a light, pulsating quality that is very pleasing to the ear.

The Hohner Big Valley tremolo harmonica offers the player a new harmonica sound for a relatively small amount of money. Featuring stainless steel cover plates, brass reed plates and a plastic comb that is capable of delivering 40 notes, the Hohner Big Valley is as competent an instrument as any other harmonica in the Hohner range.

The Hohner Big Valley comes complete with a robust, bright blue carry case that should protect the harmonica from the elements and any minor knocks that might befall it. The Hohner Big Valley harmonica is available in either the Key of C or D and would make a welcome addition to any harmonica player's collection.

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