Hummel - Soxteen Short Pieces (Piano) Roberts

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Easier Piano Pieces Vol.28. Edited by Timothy Roberts.

  1. Alla Polacca in Bb: No. 53 from 'Klavierschule'
  2. Allegretto in C: No. 50 from 'Klavierschule'
  3. Allegretto in D: No. 47 from 'Klavierschule'
  4. Allegretto in F: No. 46 from 'Klavierschule'
  5. Allegretto in G: No. 48 from 'Klavierschule'
  6. Allegro in C, Op. 52 No. 2
  7. Allegro in F: No. 56 from 'Klavierschule'
  8. Andante in D: No. 26 from 'Klavierschule'
  9. Andantino in Ab: No. 57 from 'Klavierschule'
  10. Gigue in D: No. 40 from 'Klavierschule'
  11. Romance in G, Op. 52 No. 4
  12. Rondo in C, Op. 52 No. 6
  13. Rondo in F: No. 51 from 'Klavierschule'
  14. Scherzo in A: No. 45 from 'Answeisung zum Piano-forte Spiel''
  15. Tempo di Menuetto in C, Op. 52 No. 3
  16. To Alexis: No. 59 from 'Klavierschule'

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