Marshall Echohead Echo/Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Your signature sound is all down to one person, YOU! From the guitar you play to the amp you've chosen, it's important that you're expressing yourself through your instrument! The same rule applies with the pedals you decide to use.

Choosing the right delay pedal for you is not only essential for your sound, but for your playability also. Delay effects can be a potential banana skin for guitarists; choose the right delay pedal and use it correctly and you'll hit the sweet spot every time you turn it on, but opt for the wrong delay type/setting and your performance is instantly compromised, often frustrating your band members with your unruly timing and dynamics, don't be that guy!

You'll find the EH-1 Echohead to be a super-versatile delay solution whether you've mastered your signature sound or you're still crafting it. From sparkling, crystal-clear delay, to the warmer, vintage undertones of a retro tape machine, you've got options here. An impressive range of delay types means you've got more to explore, helping you find the right sound for you and your rig. Emulate U2's The Edge by opting for drastic delay types if playing stadium rock tracks is your thing, or choose less confrontational variations ideal for subtly filling out your sound, perfect for blues, country and jazz players. You're in control here and the Tap Tempo feature reaffirms that, helping you be as precise as you want to be at the flick of a switch.

Dual outputs also encourage you to decide how you want to use the EH-1 Echoehead. Select its Passive Bypass output for an instant cut-off from your delay sound, or choose to let your delay ring out naturally, whatever you want, the choice is yours.

Seriously detailed delay options are here and ready for you to explore. All encased within a stylish, typically Marshall-looking metal stomp box, the EH-1 Echoehead is built to take a kicking, literally. Small and compact, this little pedal won't hog much-needed space on your pedalboard, letting you continue building your collection!

What Marshall say about the EH-1 Echoehead Delay Pedal:

From crystal-clear echoes to hypnotic reverse delays via the vintage whir of a retro tape machine, the Echohead recreates six different delay FX for you to explore. Create pulsing tones and add dense rhythmic textures to your sound. The EH-1 features a maximum delay time of 2000ms, stereo outputs, and a Tap Tempo delay input.
The dual outputs offer the choice of using a passive bypass for the main signal path to ensure complete tonal integrity or to allow your pedal to spill over, permitting your echo to naturally die away.


  • Controls: Multi-Mode Selector Switch, Delya Time Control, Feedback Control, Level Control
  • Features: Solid Metal Casing, Passive Bypass, Tap Tempo Pedal Input
  • Power: 9V
  • Jack Sockets: Input Jack 1; Guitar Input, Input Jack 2; Tap Tempo Pedal Input, Output, Jack 1; Left/Bypass, Output 2; Right/Spill
  • Input Impedance: >1 M0hms
  • Output Load Impedance: <1 k0hms
  • Dimensions in mm (W x H x D): 120 x 65 x 55
  • Weight: 510g

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