Mooer 'Micro Looper' Pedal

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Loopers are the new big thing in the guitar world. Every guitarist in the world is making sure to pickup some kind of looper pedal and now they have another option to choose from.

The Mooer Micro Looper is a very small pedal that features a full 30 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs in something that is small enough to fit on any pedalboard.

Simple Operation

This pedal does a lot for something with just a single control knob and foot switch. Play, Pause, Record, Delete and Redo are all controlled via the single foot switch which may sound confusing but is actually quite intuitive. Just set the output volume and get playing and you will really quickly work out all the subtleties with this pedal.

Create Deep Mixes

With the ability to create unlimited overdubs over 30 minutes of recording time. This means you can layer as much as you want creating deep, complicated and stunning tracks live and in the moment with just your guitar and this pedal.

Clear and Crisp Signal

This pedal only uses high grade components so that the signal going in and coming out of the pedal sound as close as possible. This means that no matter how much you layer up your sound will still be your sound so you can take this pedal live without worry.

True Bypass

When the pedal is turned off your guitars signal does not pass through any of the circuitry so that you have the cleanest possible signal.

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