Chord QU4 Quad UHF Wireless Combo Microphone System

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Chord QU4-C Quad UHF Combo Wireless Microphone System

The Chord Quad UHF Wireless Microphone System can be used for a wide range of applications including public address and live talks where up to four wireless microphones are required for multiple people/performers. This system includes 2x neck/headset microphones & transmitters, and 2x handlheld microphones, all of which can be used at the same time interchangeably. This makes it a great do it all kit and is a great choice for any situation where a wireless microphone system is required, such as live performances, pub quizzes, talks, conferences and stage shows to name a few. 

The receiver has four channels which can be individually volume controlled. The receiver and transmitters are also colour coded so you know which settings and frequency to adjust on the receiver in relation to the microphone. 

The receiver is 19" rack mountable into any 1U rack (rack mount brackets included), and the transmitters are AA battery powered.


The receiver has 4 individual balanced outputs (3-Pin XLR) for each channel allowing audio to be routed to separate destinations, and a mixed 1/4" (6.35mm) Jack output which sums all audio from the microphones into on signal, allowing everything to be played out of one speaker.

The neck/headset transmitters have a threaded 3.5mm jack socket for the headset connection. Screwing the microphone on will ensure it doesn't accidentally get disconnected when in use, and the standard 3.5mm jack means that any compatible microphone can be used with the transmitter.


Quick Setup Instructions

Insert the included batteries into the microphone or transmitter by flipping the front cover over. Screw on the antenna for the receiver, and attach the mains power adapter. Ensure the volume on the receiver is turned down. Connect the receiver to the speaker, mixer or amp etc.

Switch on power to the receiver unit and check that the red power LED is lit on each channel (if not, turn the VOLUME rotary control just past the zero point).

Move the switch on the first handheld or beltpack transmitter to the first notch (MUTE) – the LED should light momentarily. Move on another notch (Fully ON) and gradually increase the microphone level on the receiver, then increase the volume on the mixer or amplifier until the sound from each microphone can be heard through the equipment. Repeat for the other 3 microphones. (Note: if output is low from neck/headset microphones, it may be necessary to adjust Gain control inside the beltpack unit).


Included in the Package

  • UHF quad wireless receiver
  • 19” rack ears
  • 2 x antennae
  • Mains power adapter
  • 6.3mm mono jack lead
  • 8 x 1.5V AA battery
  • 2 x neckband/headset microphones & 2 x beltpack transmitters
  • 2 handheld microphones

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