P & H Fibreglass Violin Bow 1/2 Size

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P&H Fibreglass Violin Bows are the perfect bow for students! Lightweight, robust, virtually indestructable and resistant to warping or snapping even when left fully tensioned, these bows are an absolute blessing for beginners!

The first noticable feature upon picking these bows up is the weight - Featherlight compared to a wooden bow, the fibreglass construction makes it easy and comfortable for beginners, particularly youngsters to gain control of the bow with good balance with minimal strain, aches or pains during practice or performance.

Being fibreglass, these bows are also therefore considerably more robust and durable than wooden bows.
Wheras a wooden bow can warp or even snap if left in extremely hot or damp conditions, this P&H bow is unbelievably strong and 'student' proof.
Even if accidentally left fully-tensioned after use, a fibreglass P&H bow will not warp, snap, or be left damaged, with the spring tension inside the bow built for life - Peace of mind for forgetful students!

An extremely popular bow frequently recommended by music teachers and students by name, P&H Fibreglass Violin Bow's are available in a full range of sizes and can also be easily re-haired just like a wooden bow.

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