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Pearl djembe rope tuned


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Pearl’s Rope Tuned Djembe series includes four size drums; 7”, 10”, 12” and 14”. The patented seamless synthetic shells are available in two dynamic finishes #698 Zebra Grass and #699 Molten Scarlet with simulated skin heads.

Djembes produce a wide range of sounds and are ideal as a solo instrument or as part of a large percussion ensemble or drum circle. Pearl offers djembes that will fit any budget. 

  • PBJVR7     7” Rope Tuned Djembe
  • PBJVR10  10” Rope Tuned Djembe
  • PBJVR12  12” Rope Tuned Djembe
  • PBJVR14  14” Rope Tuned Djembe