Peavey - 112 Extension Cabinet

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Peavey Amps cover a wide range of different styles so it only makes sense that there are different cabinets to match. Some people may want classic rock and clean tones while others want crushing amounts of high gain wonder. This 1x12 comes stock with Peavey's own Blue Marvel speaker which has been carefully designed to match up with their range of mini amp heads.
Strong Construction
There are two things you want out of a speaker cabinet. For it to produce a great sound and for it to be able to last years on the road. These often go hand in hand as the better it is made the better sound it produces.
This 1x12 cab is made by Peavey to withstand all of the troubles of the road without being overly heavy or bulky. Weighing in at around 12.6kg you can easily take this from gig to gig with no problems at all.
Blue Marvels
Designed and made in collaboration with the incredible team at Eminence the Peavey Blue Maverick speaker is a classic rock and clean powerhouse. With a 40w rating this is certainly going to be able to hand most of what you will ever run to run through it including Peavey's Classic range of amps.
While this speakers can certainly handle high gain it is the clean and crunch tones where it really shines through. The glassy high end and heavy midrange make it perfect for making sure your clean sound is loud and cuts through the mix

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