Recorder Magic Book 1 With CD

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Recorder Magic Descant Tutor Book 1 takes the beginner Recorder player through the earliest stages of Recorder playing and reading music. The book progresses steadily, and by the end the Recorder player will be able to read and play the notes E, G, A, B and high C. There is plenty of reinforcement throughout, particularly for the first three notes: B, A and G. The melodies are a combination of popular traditional and new, inspiring melodies written by the authors Jane Sebba and David Moses. Each track on the accompanying CD contains a Recorder performance, followed by a backing track, played twice.

  1. A And B
  2. Animals On The Road
  3. Big Kite
  4. Black And White Cat
  5. Breath-taking Butterflies
  6. City Rhythms
  7. Clean Clothes
  8. Friends On Holiday
  9. Going To School
  10. Green Jelly
  11. Gymnastics
  12. Heave-ho
  13. High Heels And Trainers
  14. Jog Along Jason
  15. Little Bo Peep
  16. One Mosquito
  17. One Recorder
  18. Paint Pot
  19. Pease Pudding Hot
  20. Pigs
  21. Rigadoon
  22. Rover
  23. Running Round The World
  24. Russian River
  25. Selfish Sharks
  26. Shepherds' Delight
  27. Spooky Spinney
  28. Swallow Flying High
  29. Swing High
  30. Terrapin Tim
  31. This Little Bear
  32. Time Flies
  33. Time For Sleep
  34. Today's Menu
  35. Today's Specials
  36. Trampolining
  37. Yes, We Have No Bananas


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