Remo Ambassador Vintage Coated Drum Head

Size: 14"
In stock


Ambassador Vintage Coated Drumheads feature focused midrange tones with a soft feel. Combining 7.5-mil and 3-mil Coated films into a durable 2-ply construction, Ambassador Vintage Coated Drumheads provide the sensitivity of Diplomat Coated, midrange of Emperor Coated and durability of Ambassador Coated Drumheads. The Ambassador Vintage Coated is the most versatile Tom and Snare Drumhead in the industry.

Available in sizes 8" - 18".


  • The most versatile Tom and Snare Drumhead in the industry
  • Available in sizes 8" - 18"
  • 7.5-mil and 3-mil Coated films combined into a durable 2-ply construction
  • Diplomat feel, Emperor tone, and Ambassador Durability
  • Provides focused mid range tones and soft feel

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