Rotosound Classical Guitar String Sets

Type: Normal Tension - Tie On (CL2)
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The most popular category of strings we make for classical guitar. With solid nylon trebles and wound nickel silver copper over nylon core bass these medium tension sets are available with either ball ends or tie ends.

These sets remain as popular as ever featuring an unchanged spec that has stood the test of time for many decades - Rotosound Classical strings are made in England.


Normal Tension (CL1) 
[.028] [.032] [.040] [.029w] [.034w] [.042w]
Normal Tension (CL2)
[.028] [.032] [.040] [.030w] [.036w] [.045w]
Normal Tension (CL4)
[.028] [.032] [.040] [.30w] [.036w] [.045w]

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