Schumann: Sonata for Piano and Violin in A Minor

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Robert Schumann’s Sonata For Piano And Violin In A Minor Op. 105 (also known as Violin Sonata No. 1) was written in only a few days, in September 1851. It consists of three movements – 1. Mit leidenschaftlichem Ausdruck (dotted quarter=68), 2. Allegretto (eighth note =96) and 3. Lebhaft (quarter note = 94), with the main theme present in all of them, linking the whole sonata together.

The wealth of imagination, energy of sentiment and depth of thought in the sonata was acknowledged by Wasielewski – fellow musician and Schumann’s first biographer. This publication takes the composer’s personal copy of the score and the separate Violin part as its principal sources, coming as close to the original intentions of Schumann as possible. An editorial preface by Wiltrud Haug-Freienstein is also included in German, English and French.

This Sonata is challenging but rewarding for both Piano and Violin. Total performance time is approximately 18 minutes.

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