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Seagull M4 Mahogany Merlin

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Made in La Patrie Quebec, Canada and inspired by the dulcimer, the Seagull M4 is a very portable & compact 4-string diatonic acoustic instrument that is simply fun to play and very hard to put down! The M4 was designed to introduce & stimulate people of all ages (some of whom may not necessarily be players) to the joy of creating & playing music. Small in stature. Big in fun!


The Seagull M4 Mahogany Merlin is based around a dulcimer. It has four strings. This acoustic instrument has been created around the diatonic scale. A guitar is based around a chromatic scale which makes it easy to play the wrong note. With the Merlin M4 it is actually harder to play a bad note than it is to play the right one! This makes it a great instrument for non players. Even a complete novice can get a nice sound from it. In the hands of an experienced guitarist or folk player it can unleash a world of new sounds. It certainly helps you think outside of the box!

Thanks to its compact dimensions this instrument is good for travelling. A great party instrument. The Seagull M4 Mahogany Merlin is also great value for money. A lovely Canadian made instrument for not very much money. Want something a little different? Try the Seagull Merlin. You won't be disappointed.