Starters For Clarinet - Gordon Lewin

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This volume is a collection of 44 arrangements, folk songs, and original pieces showing the characteristic wide knowledge of Gordon Lewin.

  1. Johnny has gone for a soldier (American Revolution song) [Anon.]
  2. Andante, from 'Kreutzer' Sonata, Op.47 [Ludwig van Beethoven]
  3. Micaela's aria, from 'Carmen' [Georges Bizet]
  4. Castilian song [Trad.]
  5. Siesta (Central American dance) [Anon.]
  6. A quel age est-on grande? [Clapisson]
  7. I had a little dove [Anon.]
  8. Melody, from 'Lucrezia Borgia' [Donizetti]
  9. Hope the Hermit [Anon.]
  10. En passant par la Lorraine [Anon.]
  11. Portrait charmant [Anon.]
  12. March, from 'Alceste' [Gluck]
  13. Amoretten Tanze [Gungl]
  14. Berceuse [Ilynsky]
  15. Bunch of Roses [Anon.]
  16. Sly Patrick [Anon.]
  17. The Groves of Blarney [Anon.]
  18. The Lark in the Clear Air [Anon.]
  19. The Plaintive Nigun [Anon.]
  20. 'Waves of the Danube' Waltz No.1 [Ivanovici]
  21. After Hours
  22. Bubble and Squeak
  23. Celebration Dance
  24. Paws for Thought
  25. Pierrot Show
  26. Puffing Billy
  27. Sweet Sorrow
  28. Tobago Sunset
  29. Caramba [Anon.]
  30. 'O mon cher amant', from La Perichole [Offenbach]
  31. Hot Cross Buns [Anon.]
  32. Maria Catlina [Anon.]
  33. Heidenroslein [Franz Schubert]
  34. Tiviot Bridge [Anon.]
  35. A Hundred Pipers
  36. 'Row weel, my boatie, row weel'


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