The Classic Guitar Collection Volume Two

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Outstanding solos for the classical guitar from the fourteenth century to Bartok, Includes works by Bach, Carcassi, Giuliani, Mozart, Shostakovitch, Sor and Stravinsky. For guitar players of all standards. Edited by Leonid Bolotine.

  1. Allegro Moderato (Carcassi)
  2. American Flag Rag (Mustang)
  3. An Easy Piece Using Five Note (Stravinsky)
  4. Andante (Giuliani)
  5. Bouree (Bergen)
  6. Bourree [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  7. Canon
  8. Carulli Ferdinando (Carcassi)
  9. Chanson (Tcherepnine)
  10. Courtante
  11. Dance
  12. Dove Son Quei Fieri Occhi?
  13. El Delirio (Cano)
  14. Estampdida
  15. Etude In A (Aguado)
  16. Etude In A Minor (Coste)
  17. Exchanges (Hellerman)
  18. Fantasia (Mudarra)
  19. Fantasia (Narvaez)
  20. Fugue (Bach)
  21. Gagliard (Weiss)
  22. Galliard
  23. Gavotte In D Major [Popper, D]
  24. Le Petit-rien (The Trifles) [Couperin, Francois]
  25. March [Shostakovich, Dmitri]
  26. Miniature (Bartok)
  27. Minuet (Blavet)
  28. Minuet In C Minor (Sor)
  29. Minuet In G Minor (Sor)
  30. Moderato
  31. Nachtanz
  32. Old French Gavotte
  33. Overture (Carcassi)
  34. Passamezzo
  35. Passamezzo (Barbetta)
  36. Pavana
  37. Pavana (Lilan)
  38. Prelude (Carcassi)
  39. Prelude (Tarrega)
  40. Prelude And Fague (Bach)
  41. Prelude In A Minor (Molino)
  42. Prelude In D (Molino)
  43. Romanza (Carcassi)
  44. Salterello
  45. Sarabande for a sandwich
  46. Se Io M'accogo Ben Mio
  47. Song (Mustang)
  48. Study In A (Carcassi)
  49. Study In A (Sor)
  50. Study In B (Sor)
  51. Study In C (Sor)
  52. Study In D Minor (Carcassi)
  53. Study In E (Sor)
  54. Study In F (Sor)
  55. Veneziana
  56. Vivace And Largo Poco Andante (Sonata In E Minor Op.3 No.3) [Blavet, Michel]
  57. When I Get Home (Cotton)
  58. Wilson Rag [Cotten, Elizabeth]


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