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Book: Book 1
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A superb collection of standard repertoire for the classical singer. Titles range from Baroque to late 19th century and titles often appear on the ABRSM singing syllabus.

Book One Song List:

  1. A Little Folk Song (Schumann)
  2. Absence (Berlioz)
  3. Be Thou With Me (Bach)
  4. Good Night (Brahms)
  5. Hark! Hark! The Lark
  6. Hark! The Echoing Air
  7. Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow? (Anon)
  8. Impatience (Schubert)
  9. It Is A Wond'Rous Mystery (Liszt)
  10. Ladybird (Schumann)
  11. Lovely Kind And Kindly Loving (Bononcini)
  12. Maiden With The Lips Like Roses (Franz)
  13. Nina
  14. Nina (Pergolesi)
  15. On Wings Of Song Op.34 No.2
  16. Pastoral (Carey)
  17. Red And White The Roses (Brahms)
  18. Sandmannchen
  19. Serenade
  20. The Lotus Flower (Schumann)
  21. The Lovely Month Of May (Schumann)
  22. The Secret (Schubert)
  23. The Wild Rose (Schubert)
  24. To A Nightingale (Brahms)
  25. Wilt Thou Not Give Thy Heart? (Bach)

Book Two Song List:

  1. Amaryllis (Caccini)
  2. Come Again, Sweet Love [Dowland, John]
  3. Dedication (Widmung)
  4. Go To Bed Sweet Muse (Jones)
  5. I Heard The Rose (Franz)
  6. It Was A Lover And His Lass [Morley, Thomas]
  7. Laughing And Weeping (Schubert)
  8. Lo! He Has Come (Franz)
  9. Moonlight (Schumann)
  10. My Mother Bids Me (Haydn)
  11. Nymphs And Shepherds [Purcell, Henry]
  12. Pretty Swallow (Brahms)
  13. Sapphische Ode Op.94 No.4 [Brahms, Johannes]
  14. The Call Of The Wood (Schubert)
  15. The Dew Glistens Bright (Rubinstein)
  16. The Walnut Tree (Schuman)
  17. There Is A Garden (Campion)
  18. Thy Face (Schumann)
  19. To Be Near Thee (Rosa)
  20. Wanderer's Night Song (Schubert)
  21. When Daisies Pied [Arne, Thomas]
  22. Where The Bee Sucks [Arne, Thomas]
  23. Who Is Sylvia? [Schubert, Franz]
  24. Wiegenlied (Cradle Song)

Book Three Song List:

  1. A May Night (Brahms)
  2. A Night In Spring (Schumann)
  3. Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind [Arne, Thomas]
  4. Celia The Fair [Monro, George]
  5. Come Once Again (Giordani)
  6. Constancy (Brahms)
  7. Good Night (Franz)
  8. I Chide Thee Not (Schumann)
  9. My Beloved Is Mine (Brahms)
  10. Night And Dreams (Schubert)
  11. None But The Desolate (Tschaikowsky)
  12. Out Of My Dark Despairing (Franz)
  13. So Like A Flower (Schumann)
  14. Sunday (Brahms)
  15. The Blacksmith [Brahms, Johannes]
  16. The Sea Hath Pearls (Franz)
  17. The Town (Schubert)
  18. To Anthea (Hatton)
  19. To Music (Schubert)
  20. Wandering [Schubert, Franz]
  21. Wiegenlied (Cradle Song)

Book Four Song List:

  1. As I Walked Forth One Summer Day [Johnson, Robert]
  2. Bois Epais (Sombre Woods) [Lully, Jean-Baptiste]
  3. Death And The Maiden [Schubert, Franz]
  4. Dedication (Franz)
  5. Faith In Spring (Schubert)
  6. Fine Knacks For Ladies [Dowland, John]
  7. I Attempt From Love's Sickness To Fly [Purcell, Henry]
  8. I Do Confess (Lawes)
  9. In The Churchyard (Brahms)
  10. Invocation (Franz)
  11. Litany [Schubert, Franz]
  12. Love In Thy Youth (Howard)
  13. Love Song (Brahms)
  14. More Love Or More Disdain (Purcell)
  15. My Little Pretty One (Anon)
  16. Oh Ring Upon My Finger (Schumann)
  17. Phyllis (Young)
  18. Since First I Saw Your Face (Ford)
  19. Since Mine Eyes Beheld Him (Schumann)
  20. So Like A Flower (Liszt)
  21. The Discomfited Suitor (Brahms)
  22. The Ghost (Schubert)
  23. The Hurdy-gurdy Man (Schubert)
  24. The Lover's Strategy (Brahms)
  25. The Self-banished (Blow)
  26. The Wanderer (Schubert)
  27. Therese (Brahms)
  28. Where Fall My Burning Teardrops (Schumann)


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