Tromba Trumpet TP 11 (raunchy red)

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The Tromba plastic trumpet in metallic red is a revolutionary and lightweight alternative to the metal trumpet. At half the weight of a traditional trumpet and available in a range of different colours, the Tromba trumpet is perfect for young players.
Never again will you have you have to worry about denting your trumpet thanks to the robust ABS plastic body. This lightweight construction enables the instrument to be held for long periods of time, even by younger players or those with back problems. Included with the Tromba trumpet is a case, trumpet stand, cleaning kit, and two mouthpieces so you can start to develop your skills straight away.

Hybrid Construction

The Tromba plastic trumpet is much more lightweight than a metal instrument, weighing only 500 grams - half the weight of a standard trumpet. Younger players can enjoy playing the instrument for longer without suffering from fatigue in the shoulders, back, or arms. The lightweight construction is thanks to the high-quality ABS plastic body combined with ultrasonic welding. This material offers the highest standard of protection and strength so you'll never have to worry about denting your trumpet.

To ensure the best possible valve action, the Tromba trumpet features stainless steel top sprung valves. These valves are comfortable to play on and are fast moving for accurate note production. If you prefer valves with a heavier touch, then you can easily swap to the heavier springs which are included with the trumpet. Simply apply some valve oil when you get your trumpet and you're ready to go!

As well as this, the instrument has been engineered to have the same feel and holding position as a standard trumpet. This not only makes it comfortable to hold, but also easier to switch between a Tromba trumpet and a metal traditional.

Virtually Indestructible

Where a standard metal trumpet is particularly cold and potentially uncomfortable outdoors, the Tromba plastic trumpet is not affected by temperature change. Combined with a plastic mouthpiece transforms the Tromba trumpet great for outdoor playing scenarios.

The versatile design of the Tromba also attracts existing trumpet players. These players are now leaving their delicate and expensive instruments at home and instead, are choosing the Tromba trumpet when weather-resistance is vital.

Included Accessories

Included with the Tromba trumpet is both a 3c and 5c mouthpiece so you can find your perfect size. Plastic mouthpieces are prefered by players who frequently play outside as they warm up a lot faster than traditional metal mouthpieces. The Tromba can also use any regular trumpet mouthpiece so you can keep the mouthpiece that you've always used. Also included is a compact trumpet stand, cleaning kit, and a hard case so transporting your instrument is never an issue.


  • Key Of: Bb
  • Bell Diameter: 127mm (5'')
  • Bell Material: ABS Plastic
  • Bore Size: 11.6mm (.459'')
  • Valves: Stainless Steel, Top Sprung
  • Slide: ABS Plastic
  • Colour: Raunchy Red
  • Waterkeys: 2
  • Weight: 500g


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