Mapex Armory P800TW Response Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Mapex Armory P800TW Response Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal


The P800 makes use of a double chain drive, ensuring it is durable and has a smooth feel. All bass drum angles are accommodated whilst the pedal is flat, due to a self-adjusting hoop clamp with a side-mounted adjuster. The P800 consists of a Falcon Series Beater, which comes with both 10g and 20g weights so that the user can customize the feel of the P800. An extended footboard increases speed, and gives the player plenty of room to find the perfect foot placement.

Armory hardware is a complete line of gig ready drum hardware featuring heavy duty tubes, double braced legs, memory locks and all the adjustability needed by a serious player.


  • Double Chain Drive
  • Durable With A Smooth Feel
  • Self-Adjusting Hoop Clamp
  • Falcon Series Beater
  • Comes with 10g and 20g Weights
  • Extended Footboard

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