Yamaha DTX-M12 Percussion Multi Pad

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The Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 is an electronic percussion pad equipped with 12 trigger pads and on onboard library of sounds that include drums, percussion, pitched instruments, world sounds, DJ sounds and Sound Effects. You can completely customise the preset sounds, use it as a MIDI Controller, or via USB with the Yamaha DTX Touch App for iOS and Android.

Serious Strike Action

Profound, powerful, yet ready to rough it up with hands or sticks, the DTX Multi 12 raises the bar for compact electronic drum kits.

The DTX MULTI 12 has many applications. It's perfect for the acoustic drummer looking to add electronics to their kit; the hand percussionist who needs a full palette of percussion instruments in a versatile self-contained unit; or as a percussion controller for a producer in a recording studio setting. It’s a great solution for anyone looking to add top-notch percussion sounds and rhythms to their music. 

Multi Voices and Effects

DTX-12 comes loaded with 1,277 voices that include an expansive collection of stunning voices and effects from the Yamaha MOTIF flagship synth series. As well as the preset sound bank you can customise your own patches, kits, and utilise the Touch App to fine tune each sound to your hearts content.

Stick Mode, Hand Mode, Finger Mode. The DTX-Multi 12 lets you choose the way you want to play and best express yourself.

Multi Assignments

Up to four voices can be assigned to a single pad for simultaneous or sequential playback. You can also have voices that change according to your playing style.

Cubase AI Included

The DTX-Multi 12 includes a copy of Cubase AI recording software, so you can record and sequence your own samples before loading onto the unit.

Free Yamaha Touch App

The Yamaha DTXM12 Touch App is a free application for iOS and Android devices that opens up a world of customisation, sampling, EQ and dynamic effects. DTXM12 Touch is a dedicated iPad app that provides powerful support to drummers and percussionists who use the DTX-MULTI12 on-stage. Fine-tune each individual sound to your liking, with ease, from your tablet or smartphone.


Pad section

  • Built-in pads 12
  • External inputs 5 (three-zone x 1; monaural x 4)

Tone generator

  • Maximum Polyphony 64 notes
  • Voices Drum and percussion: 1,061 Keyboard: 216
  • Effects Variation x 42 types; Chorus x 6 types; Reverb x 6 types: 5-band master equalizer
  • Drum kits Preset: 50 User-defined: 200
  • Wave memory 100 MB (16-bit linear conversion)


  • Note Resolution Quarter note / 480
  • Patterns Preset patterns: 128 phrases (including 3 demo patterns) User-defined patterns: 50 phrases
  • Sequence formats Proprietary SMF Format 0 (for loading only)
  • Sequence capacity 152,000 notes
  • Recording method Real-time overdubbing


  • Readable quantity 500
  • Bit depth 16 bit
  • Wave memory 64 MB
  • Maximum size Mono sample: 2 MB Stereo sample: 4 MB
  • Sample formats Proprietary, WAV, and AIFF


  • Tempo 30 to 300 BPM. Tap tempo functionality
  • Beats 1/4 – 16/4, 1/8 – 16/8, 1/16 – 16/16
  • Note timing Accent notes, quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes, triplets

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