Zildjian AE Cymbal Set (Gen 16)

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The Zildjian GEN16 AE Cymbals are made of a highly polished nickel/chrome alloy and unlike previous models from other manufacturers, where the use of metal only serves to improve playing feel, the GEN16 AE?s can be played without electronics. In this case, they are approx. 50 - 70 % quieter than their (pure) acoustic colleagues. A patented Dual-Head Mini Microphone System and advanced digital signal processing allow a wide range of natural cymbal sounds without the need for samples or MIDI.

The AE (Acoustic Electric) pickup is the key to the AE Cymbal System. With it's patent-pending design, the dual capsule condenser microphone captures every nuance, articulation you can imagine. From sticks to mallets, Multi-rods or brushes, the AE cymbal pickup will capture the widest dynamic performance you can give it. Coupled with the DCP (Digital Cymbal Processor) Tone Shaping, you will have many musical and to tonal possibilities at your fingertips.

  • AE 14" Hi-Hats w/Pickup
  • AE 18" Crash w/Pickup
  • AE 20" Ride w/Pickup
  • AE Cymbal Controller Version 1.43
  • AE 5 Channel Cable Snake


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