Attention! Calling all musicians! We’re launching our brand new rental scheme and you’re going to be very interested…

When starting a new instrument it’s often a good idea to “try before you buy”. Our rental scheme allows you to find out if an instrument is suited to you before committing to purchasing. 

An age-old adage is that you should buy a cheaper instrument when starting out. Why not just rent one? You could learn on an instrument that becomes a glorified paper weight, OR you could rent one of our rental instruments, get a feel for it and then decide whether you want to commit to a full purchase; you can even get a discount on a new instrument!

Of course, you can rent for longer than our minimum period of 3 months- after this initial period rent will be paid through monthly direct debits and whenever you decide to buy a new instrument you’ll get 50% of your rental total off of your purchase! (up to £350) 

You can also swap instruments and continue to rent- for example say you started out renting a 3/4 size Violin and feel ready to move onto a full size, you can do just that!

I can hear you through the screen- “This is great! How do I sign up?” 
Well, all we need from you is 2 forms of ID (photo and proof of address) and a valid debit card! 

Here’s a list of our instruments and their current pricing: