Welcome to... The Workshop

Our workshop deals with all sorts of repairs and set-ups, ranging from a standard restring on an Electric Guitar all the way through to re-bridging a Cello.

Over the last few weeks, we launched our brand new web series titled "What's On The Workbench" where we take you behind the scenes and show you all the intricacies of instrument repair.

In the first episode (that you can watch on our Instagram) we had Mark working on a piccolo snare and showing you how best to go about tuning one up, alongside sharing some general music knowledge and anecdotes about his musical career.

In the second episode, Josh did a full set-up on a Manson MA EVO- a pretty expensive guitar from British luthiers, Manson's in Exeter. Josh took us through fret polishing, fretboard oiling, truss-rod adjustments, some minor looks at the electrics, and a restring whilst talking about a lot of his experiences as a guitar technician.

In the third (and final as of the time of publishing) episode, we followed Andy, another of our resident guitar technicians, set up a Takamine Steel String Acoustic Guitar. With some more focus on the differences between an electric set up VS an acoustic set up, we also discuss Andy's favourite toothbrush and how a pencil can really sort your nut out. 

Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel and the videos tab on our website to stay updated and don't hesitate to come in store and get your instrument serviced! For more details check out The Workshop tab.